Our Sustainability


Did you know “Made in Japan” is synonymous with “small batch” production? Japan, the small island-country where our goods are produced, too often, gets linked with nearby mass-producing countries like China. With a relatively small population and a long history of highly-skilled craftspeople, most factories in Japan are small, family-owned and cater to domestic-demand. Production renews with every season in limited small lots, minimizing overproduction and wasted material. Our “small batch” sock factories follow this theme, putting focus on quality over quantity, we are able to offer unique, well-made items with low environmental impact. 


When buying and wearing our products, you can be confident that all thread and dye used in our socks and legwear are Oeko-Tex certified. This rigorous certification process tests product-safety, ensures social-responsibility in the workplace and supports environmental sustainability.


In Japan, we pride ourselves on highly skilled craftsmanship, in fact, many of the craftspeople we employ descend from multi-generations of sock makers; with some lineages tracing back over 100 years. Sock-making is a time consuming process that our artisans are committed to perfecting, the integrity that passes from their hands into our well-loved socks is felt with every step. Unlike mass-produced commercial socks that sit in a warehouse for long periods, our seasonal small-batch production means our goods stay good, and go the distance. 


Eliminating unnecessary plastic, in packaging and practice, takes innovation; we are working hard to find as many substitutes as possible. Recent upgrades include: replacing plastic hanging-hooks with a hole in the tag-card, and swapping out plastic pins—used to adhere paired socks to the label—with thread. There is more to come in this respect, but we are off to a solid start.